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Our Mission

Docor is dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurial start-up endeavors, as well as to supporting mature technological companies demonstrating a high potential for growth.

Our Vision

By applying a dynamic, comprehensive approach to business, as an active investor, Docor provides technological companies and innovative entrepreneurs in Israel with hands-on management skills, a long-term approach and added value, backed by the solid reputation, experience and leadership of the Van Leer Group Foundation. By investing in companies active in Israel or based on technology developed in Israel, Docor seeks to contribute to the welfare of the Israeli economy and society. By investing in globally oriented companies promoting innovative technologies and targeting developing markets, Docor seeks to create added value worldwide.

Our Team - People that Inspire Innovation

  • Gideon Frank

    Gideon Frank, joined as a member in 2008. He has been involved with research and development for the government and the business sectors, management and international nuclear policy and non-proliferation issues. Mr. Frank obtained his B.Sc. in Mechan...
  • Andre Betting

    Andre Betting (1961) has been Executive Director of the Van Leer Group Foundation and General Manager of Crecor BV since October 2007. Before he worked as Director of the Financing Directorate in the Dutch Ministry of Finance for 8 years and was resp...
  • Alon Dumanis, Docor CEO

    Dr. Alon Dumanis is the CEO of Docor International Management, a Dutch Venture Capital, subsidiary of The Van-Leer group Foundation. He has been involved in several international companies, in international business development, entrepreneurial and t...
  • Tsachy Shasha, Docor Vice President

    Mr. Tsachy Shasha joined Docor International Management at the end of 2005. Prior to joining the team, Tsachy served as Vice President of Finance and Economics and Head of Local and International Business Development, at Bezeq International, an inter...
  • Adi Goldin, Docor Vice President

    Mr. Adi Goldin joined Docor International Management in 2004. Mr. Adi Goldin has over 15 years of experience in the life science, industrial and hi-tech industries in the areas of investments, business strategy, deal structure and company management...
  • Anat Klein

    Mrs. Klein has worked as the assistant and account manager of Docor International Management's CEO since 1996. From 1991-96, Mrs. Klein worked in Sor-Van Radiation Ltd. Nuclear Research Center in Yavne, Israel. Mrs. Klein holds a B.A. degree in Socia...

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Latest News

Van Leer

bernardvanleer-hpThe origins of the Van Leer activities lie with Bernard Van Leer, a Dutch industrialist and philanthropist. In 1919, Bernard Van Leer founded a packaging company that grew to provide him with the resources to pursue his philanthropic activities. His objective, in essence, was to use the fruit of his labor to benefit others. read more

Contact Us

  Docor International B.V.
Toyota Tower, 14th Floor
65 Yigal Alon Street
Tel Aviv 67443 Israel
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