Van Leer Technology Ventures

Van Leer Technology VenturesLocated in Jerusalem, the Van Leer Technology Ventures Jerusalem (VLTVJ) is one of Israel 's leading high-technology incubators. Sponsored by world leading companies including Intel, IAI, IBM, Applied Materials, Motorola, Teva Pharmaceuticals, NDS, AVX and others, the incubator is owned and managed by Docor International B.V. and the Jerusalem Development Authority. Partnering with Israeli entrepreneurs to build successful high-tech companies, VLTVJ's vision is to identify and promote start-ups and entrepreneurs demonstrating high potential for creating thriving and successful technological companies, while strengthening the Israeli economy and positioning Jerusalem as a high-tech leader. Among its community welfare activities, the VLTVJ initiated the Van Leer Scholarship Program. Under this program, the VLTVJ grants Oscar Van Leer scholarships to students of the Jerusalem College of Engineering. In addition, the VLTVJ and College have created a unique program whereby selected students study and prepare a final practical work project in cooperation with the venture 's portfolio companies. VLTVJ also established a laboratory of material and optics at the Jerusalem College providing both students and the venture 's companies with this facility.

For more information, see the Van Leer Technology Ventures Jerusalem Website.