aposense Aposense Ltd. is a Molecular Imaging and Drug Development Company, focusing on the introduction of novel agents based on the identification and targeting of cells undergoing apoptosis (programmed cell death). Aposense has developed a set of proprietary compounds with demonstrated ability to identify, bind and accumulate within apoptotic (dying) cells in-vivo. 
 collplant Collplant Ltd. is a Biomaterials start-up company which developed a method of producing collagen in transgenic tobacco plants. This method of production based on the extraction of cultivated tobacco plants carrying the human collagen genes P4H and LH3, and other tobacco plants carrying C/N proteinases
 protalix Protalix Biotherapeutics Ltd. focuses on the development of unique and proprietary plant cell culture and bioreactor systems, which provide a highly efficient system for the expression and industrial-scale production of human therapeutic proteins. The company's leading product, is a recombinant human protein for the treatment of Gaucher Disease.